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Best Hockey Stick Brands: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the right hockey stick is more than a game—it’s an art form. With a multitude of hockey brands each promising unparalleled performance, innovative technology, and specific features, making the right choice can feel as complex as a well-executed play on the ice.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll go through the top hockey stick brands that have made a name for themselves by consistently delivering excellence, performance, and innovation. Strap in as we dig deep into the fabric of hockey stick brands, unraveling the unique elements that make each brand an invaluable asset to your game.

Top Hockey Stick Brands

When we say ‘top hockey stick brands,’ you’re probably thinking of names like Bauer and CCM. And while they’re definitely at the pinnacle, let’s not overlook the other worthy brands fighting for your attention. 

  1. Bauer
  2. CCM
  3. Warrior
  4. True
  5. Easton
  6. Sherwood
  7. STX
  8. Graf
  9. Cramer

Before delving into the specifics of each hockey stick brand, we’ve assembled a comparative table that ranks (based on our review and user reviews) the top brands in the industry. This table offers a swift overview, highlighting their popularity, product range, and standing within the hockey community. It’s designed to provide you with a snapshot of their strengths and the players they cater to.

BrandPopular Product RangeBest ForTop Players Using ThemOur Rating
BauerVapor, Nexus, SupremeProfessionals, High-Performance PlayersSidney Crosby, Patrick Kane⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
CCMRibCor, Jetspeed, TacksIntermediate to Advanced PlayersConnor McDavid, Alex Ovechkin⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
WarriorAlpha, CovertVersatile Players, All Skill LevelsErik Karlsson, Johnny Gaudreau⭐⭐⭐⭐
TrueA-Series, X-SeriesPlayers Seeking Authentic PerformanceMitch Marner, Tomas Hertl⭐⭐⭐⭐
EastonStealth, SynergyTechnical Players, Quick ShootersZdeno Chara, Brett Burns⭐⭐⭐⭐
SherwoodRekker, CodeBudget-Conscious, AmateursPaul Stastny, David Krejci⭐⭐⭐
STXSurgeon, StallionPrecision and ControlMatt Moulson, Vincent Trocheck⭐⭐⭐⭐
GrafPeakSpeed, G-WoodDurability and FeelCustom players⭐⭐⭐
CramerH-Street, ProFlexYouth and Recreational PlayersN/A⭐⭐⭐

1. Bauer

A market leader that sets the standard for quality and innovation in hockey sticks.

Bauer Logo

    • Product Range: With series like Nexus, Vapor, and Supreme, Bauer offers an array of choices for players of all kinds.

    • Market Segmentation: Bauer serves all market segments, from Professionals to Amateurs and Youth, making it a go-to brand for many.

    • Technology and Innovation: Features like Monocomp technology and TeXtreme® make Bauer a leader in stick design.

    • User Experience: Well-regarded for comfort and durability, Bauer sticks are a favorite among many players.

    • Professional Player Endorsements: Stars like Alexander Ovechkin and Auston Matthews use Bauer.

    • Our Take: The Epitome of Versatility and Innovation. Bauer Hockey
      is almost universally recommended for any level of play.

2. CCM

A brand renowned for balancing innovation and reliability in hockey gear.

ccm logo

    • Product Range: CCM offers a range of hockey sticks from the Ribcor, Jetspeed, and Tacks series.

    • Market Segmentation: CCM caters to all levels of players, from Professional to Amateur to Youth.

    • Technology and Innovation: Features like the Speedburner and Agility Blade technologies stand out.

    • User Experience: Players note the balance and puck feel as standout features.

    • Professional Player Endorsements: NHL legends like Sidney Crosby prefer CCM.

    • Our Take: A trusted brand for players who want reliable performance.

3. Warrior

A brand that combines precision and power to optimize every shot.

Warrior logo

    • Product Range: Warrior’s Alpha and Covert series offer sticks for various play styles.

    • Market Segmentation: Warrior focuses on delivering top-notch performance sticks suitable for Professionals, Amateurs, and Youths.

    • Technology and Innovation: Their Quick Strike technology promises a better balance and striking power.

    • User Experience: Known for their durability and striking power.

    • Professional Player Endorsements: Many NHL players like Erik Karlsson prefer Warrior.

    • Our Take: Best for those looking for power and precision.

4. True

True is a brand that’s quickly gaining popularity, thanks to their commitment to authentic performance and quality.

True Hockey Logo

    • Product Range: True offers the XCORE and A-Series among other lines.

    • Market Segmentation: True is versatile, catering to Professional, Amateur, and Youth markets.

    • Technology and Innovation: True features their patented Axenic Technology.

    • User Experience: Loved for its balance and shot accuracy.

    • Professional Player Endorsements: NHL stars like Mitch Marner use True.

    • Our Take: Quickly becoming a go-to for serious players.

5. Easton

A stalwart in the hockey world, Easton has been trusted for years for their durable products.


    • Product Range: With lines like Stealth and Synergy, Easton has a wide range.

    • Market Segmentation: Easton provides high-quality sticks for Professionals, Amateurs, and Youths alike.

    • Technology and Innovation: Known for their Hypertune and Hyperskin technologies.

    • User Experience: Easton is noted for their lightweight and durable sticks.

    • Professional Player Endorsements: Longtime favorites of players like Wayne Gretzky.

    • Our Take: Trustworthy and durable, a staple in the industry.

6. Sherwood

A brand that takes pride in its traditional craftsmanship and affordability.

Sher-Wood logo

    • Product Range: Offering the Rekker and T-Series, Sherwood has something for everyone.

    • Market Segmentation: Sherwood is perfect for those on a budget, offering options for Professionals, Amateurs, and Youths.

    • Technology and Innovation: Sherwood sticks feature the VRF.2 blade for better puck feel.

    • User Experience: Known for their affordability and traditional feel.

    • Professional Player Endorsements: Trusted by NHL players who appreciate traditional craftsmanship.

    • Our Take: Great for those looking for a blend of tradition and affordability.

7. STX

A brand that merges technology and design to optimize control and precision.

stx logo

    • Product Range: STX offers Surgeon and Stallion series designed for precision and control, respectively.

    • Market Segmentation: STX targets mainly Intermediate and Advanced players.

    • Technology and Innovation: The brand employs a Puregrip innovation designed to improve handling and control.

    • User Experience: Customers highlight the durability and improved control as key features.

    • Professional Player Endorsements: NHL players like Matt Moulson and Vincent Trocheck are known to use STX.

    • Our Take: A rising brand that promises precision and durability for players aiming for control in their game.

8. Graf

An older brand known for its durability and traditional design.

Graf logo

    • Product Range: Graf offers a diverse range including PeakSpeed and G-Wood series sticks.

    • Market Segmentation: Graf caters primarily to the Amateur and Intermediate market.

    • Technology and Innovation: Not as technologically advanced but focuses on the durability and traditional stick feel.

    • User Experience: Customers often talk about the long-lasting and reliable experience.

    • Professional Player Endorsements: Largely custom players in minor leagues.

    • Our Take: Perfect for players looking for a traditional stick that is reliable and durable.

9. Cramer

Designed for the recreational player and youth market, offering value for money.

Cramer Profile Picture Social Media Square

    • Product Range: Cramer offers H-Street and ProFlex series sticks suitable for recreational play and younger players.

    • Market Segmentation: Mainly focuses on Youth and Recreational players.

    • Technology and Innovation: Utilizes simple design elements to keep the stick affordable and functional.

    • User Experience: Good for beginners and those who don’t want to invest heavily in their first stick.

    • Professional Player Endorsements: None at the professional level.

    • Our Take: A cost-effective choice for younger players and those new to the game.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hockey Stick

Selecting the perfect hockey stick goes beyond just picking a reputable brand. To truly maximize your game, keep the following considerations in mind.

A. Price (Budget, Mid-Range, High-End)

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or you’re ready to splurge on a high-end model, every player has a price point. Generally, more expensive sticks offer greater performance and durability, but there are gems at every price range.

    • Budget: Sherwood and some lower-end Bauer sticks offer affordability without sacrificing quality.

    • Mid-Range: Brands like CCM and True provide a balance of price and performance.

    • High-End: If you’re aiming for pro-level equipment, high-end Bauer and Warrior sticks are the way to go.

B. Flexibility (Low-Flex, Mid-Flex, High-Flex)

The flex of your hockey stick profoundly impacts your shooting and puck-handling. A low-flex stick offers better puck control but might lack in shot power. High-flex sticks are the opposite, providing powerful shots but potentially sacrificing control.

    • Low-Flex: Recommended for forwards and those with a quick shooting style.

    • Mid-Flex: Ideal for all-round players.

    • High-Flex: Best suited for defensemen and those who prioritize shot power.

C. Material and Durability (Carbon Fiber, Wood, Composite)

A hockey stick’s material directly correlates with its durability and performance.

    • Carbon Fiber: Most modern high-performance sticks, like those from Bauer and CCM, are made of carbon fiber for lightweight and durability.

    • Wood: Traditional and affordable, wood sticks like Sherwood offer a classic feel but might lack in performance features.

    • Composite: A blend of materials offering a balanced performance.

D. Blade Patterns

The blade pattern affects your shooting and passing accuracy. Brands like True and Warrior offer various blade patterns to suit different playing styles.

E. Grip Type

The grip can be a game-changer, affecting your stickhandling and shooting. Sticks come with different grip textures and coatings, allowing for a personalized touch.

hockey stick and puck

Buying and Fitting Guide

Once you have a solid understanding of what you need, it’s time to move onto the actual buying process.

A. Where to Shop (Online Stores, Physical Stores)?

Both online and physical stores have their perks. Online stores offer more variety, while physical stores offer the advantage of trying before buying.

I will soon share a list of top online retailers where you can purchase hockey equipment such as skates and sticks. Stay tuned!

B. How to Choose the Right Flex and Curve?

Choosing the right flex and curve for your hockey stick is crucial for optimizing your performance on the ice. These factors can significantly impact your shot accuracy, power, and puck-handling abilities. Here’s a guide to help you make the right choices:

Flexibility (Flex):

    • Low-Flex (Less than 85): Ideal for players who prioritize puck control and quick releases. Recommended for forwards and players with a finesse shooting style.

    • Mid-Flex (85-100): Versatile flex suitable for all-round players. Offers a balance between control and shot power, making it a popular choice among many players.

    • High-Flex (100+): Best suited for defensemen and those who prioritize powerful shots. High-flex sticks can generate significant shot velocity but may require more strength to flex.

Blade Curve (Curve):

    • Open Curve: Blades with an open curve are great for elevating the puck quickly. They’re preferred by players who take a lot of wrist shots and aim for the top corners of the net.

    • Mid Curve: Offers a balanced curve that works well for various shot types. Many players appreciate the versatility of a mid curve for accurate shooting and passing.

    • Closed Curve: Blades with a closed curve are designed for precise control and accuracy. They’re popular among players who rely on precise wrist shots and stickhandling.

This streamlined table provides essential information for selecting the right flex and curve based on position and shot style.

Flex RangeRecommended PositionShot StyleIdeal Curve Type
Less than 85Forwards, Quick ShotsQuick Release, ControlOpen or Mid Curve
85-100All-round PlayersBalanced PerformanceMid Curve
100+Defensemen, Power ShotsPowerful ShotsClosed Curve

C. Sizing and Adjustments

Correct stick size is crucial.To help you make the right choices, here’s a concise guide:

Player HeightStick LengthIdeal Flex Range
Under 5'4"YouthLess than 65
5'4" - 5'10"Senior65 - 75
Over 5'10"Tall Senior75 or higher

D. Pro Tips and Considerations

Before finalizing your purchase, always consider the warranty and the return policy. Look out for player endorsements as they often provide a seal of quality and performance.

Innovation, Customization, and Maintenance

In a rapidly evolving world, staying up-to-date with the latest technology and trends can give you an edge in your game. Here’s what you need to know.

A. Latest Technologies and Trends

The hockey stick world is ever-evolving, with brands like Bauer and CCM consistently pushing the envelope in technology and innovation. Recent trends include sticks designed for specific shots and those incorporating vibration-dampening technology for a better feel.

B. Customization Options

From flex profiles to personalized graphics, customization options are abundant. Some brands offer custom curve patterns and even your name engraved on the stick. Feel the game in your own style.

Stick Accessories and Care

Your stick is an investment, and knowing how to care for it and what accessories are available can help you maximize its performance and lifespan.

A. Types of Accessories

    • Stick Wax: For better puck control.

    • Blade Covers: To protect the blade when not in use.

    • Extension Plugs: For adjusting stick length.

hockey tape and stick

B. Maintenance and Care Tips

Apart from regular taping and visual inspections for fractures, consider applying a blade coating for increased durability. Take a look at below table for more helpful tips. 

Maintenance TaskFrequencyTips and Recommendations
Clean the BladeAfter Every Game/PracticeUse warm water and a cloth to remove ice and snow.
Inspect for DamageBefore Every GameLook for cracks, chips, or splinters in the blade and shaft. Replace if necessary.
Check Flex and CurveRegularlyEnsure it matches your playing style. Make adjustments if needed.
Replace Tape GripAs NeededWhen it becomes worn or loses grip, replace it for better control.
Store ProperlyAfter Every UseKeep your stick indoors, away from extreme temperatures, to prevent warping.
Repair Minor DamageAs Soon As PossibleUse epoxy or adhesive for minor cracks or blade damage.
Re-tape BladeAs NeededMaintain good puck handling with fresh tape.
Maintain Stick FlexibilityRegularlyAvoid using the stick as a lever, which can affect flex.
Keep the Blade SharpRegular SharpeningRegularly sharpen the blade for accurate shooting and passing.
Protect the BladeDuring TransportUse blade covers to prevent damage in transit.
Avoid Impact with Hard SurfacesAlwaysPrevent hitting the stick against boards, posts, or hard surfaces.

C. Expert Reviews

Before making your purchase, check out expert reviews for unbiased opinions on the product’s performance and durability. Websites like Ice Hockey Guide offer comprehensive reviews.

D. User Reviews

User reviews provide real-world insights into how the stick performs under game conditions. Always take a moment to read them for an unfiltered view. You can check youtube, reddit etc for real genuine reviews. 

E. Professional Player Endorsements

Endorsements from professional players often indicate a high-quality product. Brands like Bauer and Warrior often have a roster of NHL players vouching for them.

Environmental and Social Factors

In today’s world, being socially responsible is as important as the performance of the product itself. Here’s how to factor that into your hockey stick choice.

A. Sustainability

More and more brands are shifting towards sustainable manufacturing processes. Bauer, for instance, has started recycling composite materials for its sticks. Choosing a sustainably-made hockey stick not only helps the environment but sets a standard for the industry.

B. Fair Trade Practices

Ensure the brand you choose adheres to fair trade practices. Worker welfare and fair payment are significant aspects you don’t want to overlook. This not only benefits the workers but often results in a higher quality product as well.

Player with hockey helmet and stick

Common Questions Related To Hockey Stick Brands

What brand of stick do most NHL players use?

Bauer and CCM are among the top brands used by NHL players. 

Do any NHL players use STX sticks?

Yes, STX is a lesser-known but emerging brand in the NHL. They are best known for their Surgeon and Stallion lines.

Are expensive hockey sticks worth it?

Generally, a higher price means better quality and durability. However, the “best” stick largely depends on your specific needs and level of play. 

What stick did Wayne Gretzky use?

The legendary Wayne Gretzky primarily used a two-piece Sherwood wooden stick throughout his career.

What does Connor McDavid use for a stick?

 Connor McDavid currently uses the CCM Ribcor Reckoner.

How often should you replace your stick?

This largely depends on the frequency of use and level of play but generally, amateur players should consider replacing their sticks every 12-18 months.

What are the benefits of high-flex vs low-flex sticks?

High-flex sticks offer better control but require more strength, making them suitable for defensive roles. Low-flex sticks provide quicker shots, ideal for forwards. 

Final Thoughts

In the hockey world, your stick is more than just equipment; it’s a part of you. While brands like Bauer and CCM dominate the spotlight with their innovative features, rising stars like True are carving out their own space with quality and performance.

But beyond the brand name, factors like material, flexibility, and even social responsibility contribute to your ultimate choice. It’s a complex decision, but one that shapes your experience on the ice. Choose wisely.

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